Friday, February 8, 2008

HI Gardening friends Tomatoes are up in the Greenhouse! Spring is coming!

Hi Gardening Friends
Well I have about forty seedling of the tomato July the Fourth that haves come up in the Greenhouse. So its looks like spring is on its way. This variety of Tomato is from Burpee seed company it is a very early tomato. I think it is the earliest tomato
yet. The size of this tomato is about the size of a golf ball 21/2 inches across.
Weight 4 oz and is Indeterminate. I usually have ripe tomatoes from 2 plants that
I grow in the greenhouse around Mother's Day in May each year. Also This is about the last tomato to produce in the fall so it produces all season. I feel this is one of the best tomatoes for all of the growing season.
Happy Gardening to All!
Gardener Den
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