Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to start tomato plants from seeds?

Hi Gardening Friends
Well now is the time to order your Tomato Seeds from catalogs. From seed
companies like Burpee Seed Co,Parks Seeds Co,and Stokes Seeds Co. If you already ordered
your seeds then you can plant some of the early varieties for your garden
in the spring. Or you can grow some of these early tomatoes in pots and have
ripe tomatoes early than all of your gardening friends. Here are some of the
early Tomatoes that you can plant now. Like varieties of Fourth of July,Early
Girl and Ultra Sweet Tomatoes. Try one all three of these tomatoes for your garden?
First of all what you do as always is to get your seed flats sterilized and get your soil ready or go to your favorite Garden center and ask them if they have soil for germinating seeds. Like the brand Pro Mix for germinating seeds. Then you fill your flats half full of germination soil and soak it with water and let sit until it drains. After the flat drains you can get you seed packet and start to sow your seeds. Then you take some more soil and lightly cover the seeds about a half inch after this go and mist your seeds and if you have a greenhouse you can set them on
the greenhouse bench or if you don't have a greenhouse then you can put them on a table in your house which have a grow light over the table. It should take about 10 to 14 days to germinate from seed. You can also plant midseason tomatoes like Ultrasonic,Better Boys,Big Boys Tomatoes. You also go back in time with Heirloom
Tomatoes varities. Here are a few of the Heirloom Varieties like Russian Black,
Yellow Pear,Great White,Brandywine,Giant Pink Belgium,Big Rainbow,Mortgage Lifter
Tomatoes and many others this is just a few varieties of Heirlooms. Then you can plant some late season or keeper tomatoes. Late season tomatoes are like Supersteak,
Sunbrite or Sunbeam Tomatoes and Keeper or Winter Storage tomatoes are Burppees Long Keepers or Red Octobers. There are many other varieties that you can pick from
Go by the above information that I told on how to start tomato seeds.
But you can grow what ever varity of tomato you would like to grow. Good Luck!
And happy gardening.
Gardener Den
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