Friday, March 7, 2008

How to start Annuals from seed.

Hi Gardening Friends
Here is some information that can help my Gardening Friends in starting annuals
from seed. As always you need to have clean flats to start your seeds in. Fill your
seeds flats half full with germination mix. Then soak the flats with water and set aside and let drain. Now pick out the seeds that you would like to plant in your flats. Maybe you would like to start Begonias or Geraniums from seed. What ever
annuals that you would like to start you should read the back of the packet before you start the seeds should you cover the seeds with germination mix or should you
let them uncovered and let the seed get light? You have to know something about the seed that you are planting. So most often the back of the seed packet is were you go to get this information. I hope all my gardening friends will try to start annuals
from seed and be successfull with them. If you try this I hope you contact me and tell me if you are successfull? Well time to go.
Have fun Gardening!
Gardener Den
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