Monday, March 3, 2008

How to start Herbs from seed.

Hi Gardening Friends
Here is some information that can help you in growing herbs from seed.
First of all as always sit down and go through your seed catalogs and pick
the Herb seeds that you want to order. Then when you receive the Herb seeds
in the mail You can go through them and pick out the ones that you would like to
plant first. This is the beginning of March 2008. You can plant many of the Herbs
seeds now at this time of the year from seed in your own home. First as always start with clean flats to start your seeds. That is to have sterilized flats and use proper soil to start your seeds in. You should use a sterilized germination mix
to start your seeds in. Now go and fill the flat with half full of germination mix
Then you go and soak the entire flat with water. Set aside and let drain.
Then you can broadcast your seeds in the flat and if you have a greenhouse you
can set them on the greenhouse bench. You can read the back of the Herb seed packet
to see if you have to cover the Herb seed that you are covering. I hope you try to grow Herbs from seed you will find that this is a very rewarding experience.
I hope this helps all of my gardening friends who want to grow Herbs from seed.
Well Time to go.
Gardener Den
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