Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Mother Jeans Red Devil Food Cake


Here is a great cake recipe that my mother always made for her family when we were growing up
and everyone was at home. The recipe is Red Devil Food Cake.     
Hope you try it and enjoy!


3/4 cup of Crisco (Cream real well)
21/4 cup of Sugar
3 Eggs
4tbsp. Cocoa
3tbsp. Red food coloring
Dash of Salt
11/2 cup of Buttermilk
3 cups of Flour
11/2 tbsp. of vinegar
11/2 tsp of soda
1tsp. of vanilla
Blend shortening plus sugar,add eggs.
Mix red food coloring with cocoa plus add to mixture.
Add flour plus milk
Add vinegar to soda plus mix.
Stirring very little.
Bake at 355 degrees for 48 minutes, Divide mixture into two 9 inch layer cake pans.
I hope you try this cake recipe and let me know if you like it?
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