Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to start pepper plants from seed.

Hi Gardening Friends
This is how you start pepper plants from seeds. First as always you need to have sterilize seed flats. And then you have to have a good germination mix.
And then you have to fill your flat half full with germination mix.
then soak the flat and then start top sow the pepper seeds that you want to
plant. Next you can broadcast the seeds and after that cover the seeds with
about half a inch of soil. Then soak the flat or mist them.
Then you would put then on the propagating bench in the greenhouse.
Or put them under grow lights if you start them in the house.
See You
Gardener Den

Friday, February 15, 2008

Got some new plant material at the Greenhouse today.

Hi Gardening Friends
Well tody Fed X brought some new plant material to the greenhouse.
First of all I received some new zonal geraniums called "Blues"
transplanted them in 10 inch hanging baskets. And the next plant
that I received was Dracaena deremensis Lemon Lime. This plant is varigated
green and white a great plant for replantment of the common dracaena spikes.
That many people put in the center of their containers or planters.
These were planted in 1 gallon pots. Also made a squidoo today if you want to see
it you can go to and lookup gardener den.
Well hope you all enjoyed my blog?
See You Later
Gardener Den

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lots of cleaning up in the greenhouse today!

Hi Gardening friends
Well did alot of cleaning up in the greenhouse today. Tomorrow will begin with alot of moving of plant material into another greenhouse. And to sow many different kinds of seeds mostly peppers. Hot and sweet peppers I will be sowing alot of them tomorrow. Also today I have started another web pages its Hub pages. The site
websites is When you get there just lookup gardener den and you should be at my web site.
See You All
Gardener Den

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More sowing of seeds in the Greenhouse today

Hi Gardening Friends
Well today I sowed more seeds in the greenhouse.
More stonehead cabbage planted and some other seeds that I will discuss
in a later blog. So everyone will have to come back later.
See You All
Gardener Den

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to start seeds successfully.

Hi Gardening Friends
Well I think this is one of my most important blogs. I am going to tell you how to
start plants from seed. First of all get your seed catalogs out and look at what you would like to grow from seed. Then take a piece of paper and write down the item numbers and the name of the variety of the seed and the price of the seed. The next
step is that you make a toll free telephone number and tell the customer service representative and tell them what you want to order. Then the next step is to receive your seeds in the US Mail. Then you would open the package to take a survey
of what you order. See if all of the seeds you ordered are in the package and not
see if there is any back orders. If so you can call customer service about what is back ordered? After that it is time to sow your seeds. First get some plastic seed
flats if they are not clean than you would have to wash them in a Laundry tub.
After that you can hang them up to dry. After they are dry you can fill the flats with germination mix soil which you can buy at your local garden center. so when you got you soil for starting seeds fill up your sterilize flats with 1/2 the flat with
germination mix. Then make sure you soaked the soil in the flat before you sow your seeds. After that you can start sowing your seeds. Get one of your flats that have germination mix in them and take it to the table. There you can sow your seeds with a professional seed sower or by using your own hand by slowly shaking the packet of seeds over the flat after you have them sowed see on the back of the packet if you need to cover the seeds with germination mix or not. Then if you don't have a greenhouse to start your seeds in? You can start them in your basement with a propagating mat and a grow light. In about a 7 to 10 days you will see your seeds
to come up. Unless it tells you on the back of the packet differently. So I think
this will help experience growers and beginners.
Hope this help all gardeners
Gardener Den

Monday, February 11, 2008

Today another busy day in the Greenhouse.

Hi Gardening Friends
Well today in the greenhouse did some more cleaning up and cutting back perennials.
Also sow more seeds of Cauliflower,Peppers and Broccoli. I also took cuttings of
geraniums and lanium Red Nancy. And the afternoon I went to the house of Donna Kepple
and good friend of my late mother Jean. I spend some time talking to her about my mother and we both had fun. Would you all let me know what you think of my blog.
I will be blogging again tomorrow
So I will be writing about gardening
See You
Gardening Den

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi Gardening Friends today is Sunday!

Hi Gardening Friends
well today was Sunday and spent time with my nephew and his kids.
They came to see their great grandfather and wish him well.
But after they left for home I had to do work in the Greenhouse
and start some seeds in seed flats today like Early Cabbage of
Golden acre, Stonehead, and early Jersery Wakefield cabbage.
Also started flats of green peppers like Staygreen,and Big Bertha
So that was what I did today in the Greenhouse.
Talk to you again soon
Gardener Den