Monday, January 28, 2013

Hi Gardening Friends! Article on Gardener's Supply Company

Hi Gardening Friends I was going through my mail today and I found that I received a catalog from Gardener's Supply Company. I really enjoy this catalog because they carry all kind of innovative products that are hard to find. Like self watering containers for vegetables and flowers. I brought some of these a few years ago and I was impress how they worked. They were great when the weather got hot the plants in the container didn't dry out like in the old days. Here how it works. Each of the Terrazza PLANTERS includes a generous self watering reservior that keeps your plants hydrated. The fill tube has a cover to prevent clogging.Level indicator tells you when to add water. wicking fabric transports water from the reservoir to thristy roots. Evaporation grill"breathes" extra moisture and oxygen into the soil. Caster are optional for the planters. So this is one item that I really like and this company carries and it works. Gardener's Supply Company haves many more unique gardening items in their catalog. They also have a website which is and a toll free number which you can use to call to place a order. 1-888-845-0677. I really like this company becauce of all the innovative products that they carry which you don't find any place else. I really like the self watering containers. I give this company a thumbs up. If you don't have a catalog call the 800 number and ask them to send you one. Or go on line to see what they have on their website. Email me and let me know what you think of this company. Well until next time happy gardening! Gardener Den
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