Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some great seed companies that I like.

Hi Gardening Friends Well it time to start getting busy in the greenhouse for the up and coming spring season. I know everyday in the mail you are getting seed catalogs from seed companies from all over the United States. Well here are a few seed companies that I have dealt with over the years for my greenhouse operation. Here is a list of seed companies that I like. I have no favorites in this list. I buy seeds from them because of the different varieties that they carry. So here is a list of seed companies. 1.Stokes Seeds Company P.O.Box 548 Buffalo,NY 14240 (416)688-4300 Fax (416)684-8411 2.Johnny,s Selected Seeds 310 Foss Hill Road Abion,ME 04910 (207)437-9294 or 4301 3.W Atlee Burpee Company 300 Park Avenue Warmister.PA 18974 (215)674-4900 4.Seedway, Inc. P.O. Box 250 Hall,N.Y. 14463-0250 (315)526-6391 5.Otis Twilley Seed Co. P.O. Box 65 Trevose, PA 19047 (800)622-7333 or 232-7333 (PA) 6. Vermont Bean Seed Co. Garden Lane Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-4212 7. Tomato Growers Supply Company P.O. Box 2237 Fort Myers,Fl 33902 (813)768-1119 8. Meyer Seed Co. 600 S Caroline Street Baltimore, MD 21231 9. J.W. Jung Seed Co. 335 S. High Street Randolph, WI 53957-0001 (800) 247-5864 10.Park Seed Company, Inc. P.O. Box 46 Highway 254 North Greenwood, sc 29648-0046 (803) 223-7333 Well here is a list of ten seed companies that I have done business with over the years. I hope you look over them and call or write and ask for one of their catalogs and when they come in the mail you sit back and read and order some seeds and you begin to grow your own Vegetables and Bedding plants. So I hope I helped you in finding seeds for this spring gardens. Until next time. Gardener Den
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