Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Growing Vegetables from seed to harvest

Hi Gardening Friends In this gardening article I am going to talk about how to grow vegetable transplants from seed. Well I hope everyone received all of their seed catalogs from their favorite seed companies. So I hope you order your vegetable seeds by now or in the process of doing so. This is the first of many gardening articles on how to grow your own vegetable transplants for the up and coming spring gardening 2013 growing season. Thoughout the year of 2013 I will be writing gardening articles on growing vegetables transplants and planting them outside in the garden or growing them in containers. So you will have to come back to my gardening blog to see what is happening the entire growing season spring-summer and fall. So here is what you can be doing now to have early crops of vegetables for this spring season. What you can plant now inside or in a greenhouse. Lettuce,all of the cole crops like Early Cabbage,Broccoli, Cauliflower,Brussel Sprouts,Kale and any other cold weather crops,Early Tomatoes,Early Peppers,Spinach,Beets and Carrots. Yes you can grow Beets and Carrots in the greenhouse or inside your house for an early crop of both. Here are step by step instructions on how to sow the above vegetables seeds. What you need to get started are germination mix or seed starting mixture. I have a picture of germination mix that I use in my greenhouse operation. The next step if you don't have new or clean plastic trays or flats is to wash your flats in clorox water. Which is 1 part clorox to 3 parts water. Here is picture of clean flats. Next step is to fill the flat half full of the germination mixture. Now that you got your seed flat ready to sow your seeds. Get your seed packet that you would like to sow your seeds in the flat. What I use alot is to sow seeds is a seedmater tool. Picture of seed master tool. Your can get them in mail order seed catalogs. You open the packet of seeds and be careful when doing this and pour them into the seedmaster tool. And start sowing them over the flat the seed master tool spreads the seed more evenly then by doing it by hand. So here I will tell you which of the above seeds to cover lightly with soil and which ones not to cover. Do not cover Lettuce,Spinach,Beets and Carrots. Now the ones to cover lightly with soil the entire cole crops,Early Cabbage,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Brussel Sprouts,Kale, Peppers and Tomatoes. Then go and mark you seed flat with the name of your seeds with a white plastic tag in the side of the flat. Now you can mist your flat with water soak the entire flat with water. But don't drown the flat. Now you can place the flat on the bench in the greenhouse or under artifical light in your house make sure that in the house that you put the flat on a propagation mat or supply some bottom heat. Most of the above seeds will germination in 10 to 14 days so keep the flat or flats evenly moist until after germination.Then cut back on the water. Well I hope this article on how to prepare and sowing seeds help the people that is willing to start their own vegetable plants from seed. Let me know how you are doing with this information. Come back for more information on gardeing and growing plants. Well Happy Gardening Gardener Den
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