Monday, December 28, 2015

Today is December the 28th,2015. It will soon be January 1st 2016. Another New Year!

Hi  to all my gardening friends. It looks like another New Year is coming fast. The first of the year is this coming Friday. January 1st, 2016. And what a year its going to be with the Presidental Election in this coming November. And all the excitement of voting for a new president. Also all the work coming up for the coming growing season either for this coming spring or for growing seedlings for planting in the garden for the summer months. Well I am cleaning up my greenhouse for the up and coming spring and summer growing and selling season. I hope I have helped my customers and the readers of this blog in the past and in the future. In growing fine specimen plants for everyone to enjoy.And giving expert advice folr all to use. So lets all get together to celebrate the up and coming New Year and new growing season. Yours Truely and Happy Gardening Gardener Den!
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