Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cabernet Organic (F1) Onion Seed

CabernetOrganic (F1) Onion Seed Product ID: 2581G Early yields of red onions. Cabernet produces medium-large globe-shaped onions with deep red color. Late-intermediate adaptation gives an earlier harvest than long-day reds without sacrificing size. Good internal color, mostly single centers. 4-6 month storage. Adaptation: 35-45° latitude. Choose organic or nonorganic seeds. Also available pelleted. Organically grown. Avg. 120,000 seeds/lb. Packet: 250 seeds. Product Price Qty Packet $4.20 1,000 Seeds $6.45 5,000 Seeds $25.05 25,000 Seeds $108.00 50,000 Seeds $205.50 100,000 Seeds $389.00 500,000 Seeds $1,845.00 Quick Facts Latin Name: Allium cepa Days to Maturity or Bloom: 100 Product Symbols: Organic Seeds, Plants, and Supplies Growing Information Onions CULTURE:Onions require a fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0. Sandy loam soils are ideal, but raised beds or raised rows are recommended for heavier soils to promote soil drainage. Full sun is required for optimal growth. DIRECT SEEDING:In April or early May, or as soon as the soil can be prepared in early spring, sow in a 2" wide band, about 2 seeds/in., 1/4- 1/2" deep, rows 12-18" apart. Thin to 1 1/2-2" apart for highest yields in fertile soil. Thin to 3-4" apart for larger onions and 4" apart for the "sweet mild" type. TRANSPLANTING:For varieties of the "sweet mild" class, and for the storage type in extremely short-season areas, sow seeds indoors in flats in late February to mid-March. Broadcast 1/2" apart and cover 1/4". Tops may be clipped to 5" tall. Transplant to the garden 4" apart, or sow 5 seeds in each cell of 1-1 1/2" diameter plug trays, thinning to 3 per cell. Transplant each cell 6" apart. CULTIVATION:Keep onions well weeded with shallow cultivation. WATER:Onions are shallow rooted and grow best with at least an inch per week of rain or irrigation. DISEASES:Set-grown onions are more prone to disease than seed-grown onions. If you grow from both sets and seeds, plant in different locations to help avoid any disease spreading to the seed-grown crop. HARVEST:When onions have begun to develop skins and tops are falling over, pull and sun-cure at least a week before removing tops. STORAGE:When dry, clip off tops and store in onion bags or shallow boxes at near freezing and 65-70% humidity. DAY LENGTH:Onion varieties differ in the length of day required to make a bulb. Those requiring fewer daylight hours are grown in the South where the daylight period during summer is shorter than in the North. Most of our varieties are of the "medium" or "long-day" type, and if they are grown in the South, the days there are too short to initiate good bulb development. Refer to "Adaptation" in each variety description for details. DAYS TO MATURITY:From direct seeding; subtract 10-15 days if transplants are used. AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE:325'/oz., 1M/50', 5M/250', 25M/1,250', 580M/acre @ 20 seeds/ft., in rows 18" apart. TRANSPLANTS:Avg. 4,900 plants/oz., 78,750/lb. SIZED SEEDS:Standard on all varieties. SEED SPECS: SEEDS/LB.: 95,000-125,000 (avg. 105,000). PACKET:250 seeds sows 12' or makes 140 plants. You can order these onions from Johnny Selected Seeds. Recently Viewed Your view history is empty. . 100% EMPLOYEE OWNED. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Email Johnny's Selected Seeds E-MAIL Sign up for growing tips, exclusive offers, and new products. Growing Experience Level Beginning Gardener Avid Gardener Master Gardener Professional Grower Re-Seller Email Johnny's Selected Seeds REQUEST A CATALOG Email Johnny's Selected Seeds >> Click to order a FREE catalog. GROWING CENTERAsk a Grower Grower's Library Tools & Calculators Hardiness Zones Instructional Videos Growing Ideas Blog CUSTOMER SUPPORTContact Us & Info 100% Guarantee US Shipping Canadian Shipping International Shipping Returns & Refunds FAQs COMMERCIAL SALESMeet Your Sales Rep Credit Application Tradeshows & Events SHOP AT JOHNNY'SOrder by Product # Online Catalog Wish List Store Locator Gift Certificates Printable Order Form ABOUT JOHNNY'SCareers Ownership Media Relations Farm Tours Charitable Giving Need Assistance? Call Us Today. 1-877-564-6697
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