Friday, February 26, 2016

My Friend Anonymous Smiley and his Conservative Political Views. Enjoy!.

Hi Gardening Friends! Here is a article that was written by my friend Anonymous Smiley. He is going to write about the political climate in the nation today. He is a conservative and he is going to write his views in different articles on todays political subjects. So I hope you enjoy his articles. Hear is his first article enjoy. Happy Reading Gardener Den "CLIMATEGATE" By Anonymous Smiley! Comments on global warming ("Climategate") and "green" energy: I have degrees in science and engineering and have published papers in well-respected peer-reviewed journals. Important raw data are copied and the original data are archived. Anything associated with "dumped data" should be questioned with great skepticism; if not, "1984," here we come. Most of the "green" energy sources (such as solar, wind and other renewables) are distributed (spread out) and are space- (land) and material-intensive. They have their place. Concentrated sources such as nuclear, chemical (oil, coal, natural gas) and hydroelectric require much less space. A lot of people know that the cap on the Washington Monument is aluminum, which was more precious than gold at the time the cap was installed. But do they know why? Producing aluminum metal from ore (bauxite) requires a tremendous amount of electrical energy. The process, new when the cap was installed, needed concentrated energy. Recycled aluminum takes 80 to 90 percent less energy. Now we have throwaway aluminum beverage cans. For any energy source, do a full and complete balance. One has to produce and tie up all of the required materials. Look at renewable energy, such as ethanol from corn. Corn must be planted, fertilized, watered, harvested and then processed. Gallon for gallon, ethanol is less energetic than gasoline and the pollution may be worse. To make matters even worse, corn is used for food, so using corn for energy adds competition for corn supplies. Approach "green" with "yellow" caution. Thank You for reading my article Anonymous Smiley
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