Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Growing German Johnson Tomatoes!

The German Johnson tomato is an heirloom variety from West Virginia that turns deep red-pink as it ripens on the vine. This open-pollinated tomato takes 78 to 80 days from the time it is transplanted out in the garden to produce its tasty one-pound beefsteak type tomatoes. The large fruits have a firm texture and few seeds, ideal for slicing fresh or canning. Start German Johnson tomatoes from seed indoors and transplant out in spring, or get right to the growing with starts purchased from your local garden center. 1 Fill 2-inch pots or cell-packs with damp soilless seed-starting mix. Place one German Johnson tomato seed in each cell or pot on the mix. Gently press seeds into the soil so that each seed is just barely covered. Start seeds anytime between mid January and mid April; the seedlings will be ready to transplant six weeks after planting the seeds. 2 Place the seed flat or pots in a bright sunny window and maintain 70 degrees Fahrenheit, using heating mat designed for seed starting, if needed, to help regulate soil temperature. Keep the soil damp with regular watering. Look for seedlings to emerge one week after planting. 3 Spread a 2-inch layer of seasoned manure on the planting bed. Dig the manure into the top 6 inches of soil, using a tiller in large gardens. Prepare the garden bed in spring two weeks before planting. 4 Transplant the seedlings into the prepared garden bed when they are with two sets of true leaves. And about six inches tall if they are taller then you can plant them deeper and they will form roots along the stems. Then after you plant them you should water them thoughly.
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