Sunday, February 21, 2016

Patterson(F1) Extremely long storage onion

p Hi Gardening Friends! Here is a great storage onion that I will be growing in the greenhouse and also in my garden for this coming growing season. From Johnny Selected Seeds. Gardener Den Patterson(F1) Pelleted Natural III Onion Seed Product ID: 2521VJP Extremely long storage onion. Patterson has the same firmness and storage qualities as Copra, with a larger size, better uniformity, and higher yield potential. Medium-large, blocky bulbs with dark yellow skin and thin necks that dry quickly. Adaptation: 38-55° latitude. NOTE: Also offered as plants. Avg. 15,900 seeds/lb. Product Price Qty 1,000 Seeds $5.70 5,000 Seeds $23.65 10,000 Seeds $44.70 25,000 Seeds $98.50 Backordered until 05/21/16 50,000 Seeds $184.00 Backordered until 05/21/16 100,000 Seeds $342.00 Backordered until 05/21/16
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