Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We the people by Anonymous Smiley.

Here is another great article from Anonymous Smiley. Thank You for taking the time to read it. Gardener Den. The first three words of our template for government are “We the people” Seeing or hearing the words government”, as if it were an entity unto itself, makes me cringe. Our form of representative government is a republic - elected people that are supposed to represent us. It really is a bottom up form of government. If we have been told untruths or are unhappy with our elected official, it‘s our responsibility to elect someone else. It’s also our responsibility to be part an informed electorate. If problems exist, maybe we “took our eye off the ball.” In order to fix problems at higher levels (state/national) of elected positions, we need to start at the local levels and not expect to repair damage over night but work as quickly as possible - vote. Originally, elected officials were true public servants; part-time with no pay or benefits. Dedication or possibly ego (power) being the only motivation. Now, many have salaries and benefits (career politicians, the beginning of many problems, in my opinion). A few local elected positions still offer no pay or benefits, such as school board members. Even if you don’t run for office, get informed, involved and attend meetings.
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