Friday, April 29, 2016

Corn Poppy

Corn Poppy Corn Poppy Seed Classic red poppy seen in fields throughout Europe. Large, 3-4" blooms provide cheerful color to any garden spot. Long-blooming. Ht. 12-24". Avg. 208,000 seeds/oz. Packet: 500 seeds. Poppy DAYS TO GERMINATION:14-21 days at 60-75°F (16-24°C). SOWING:Direct seed (recommended): As soon as soil can be worked. Plant seeds 1/4" deep, as they require darkness to germinate. Thin when first true leaves appear. LIGHT PREFERENCE:Sun. SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Any moist, well-drained soil. PLANT HEIGHT:12-24". PLANT SPACING:6-8". HARDINESS ZONES:Annual. HARVEST:Fresh: When buds are swollen and showing color. Sear stem ends. Cut flowers last 2-4 days. USES:Naturalizing. Mass plantings, beds, and borders. Short-lived cut flower. View More Growing Information
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