Sunday, April 3, 2016

Eggplant types from Johnny Selected Seeds

Orient Express (F1) Eggplant
Eggplant types from Johnny Selected Seeds. A tropical plant with prehistoric origins in Asia, eggplant today is a highly diverse crop widely cultivated around the globe. Since eggplant can be lower yielding in cooler climates, Johnny's eggplant trials select for varieties that are early-maturing and high-yielding even in regions with cooler, less settled weather, as well as for superior flavor and appearance. We also identify which varieties are best for field, greenhouse, and container production. We offer open-pollinated, hybrid, heirloom, conventional, and certified-organic eggplant varieties in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes, to satisfy diverse ethnic and specialty markets, with skin colors ranging from dark to light purple, violet, deep pink, green, black, or white; in shapes from elongated-ovoid to cylindrical, long, narrow, pendulous, or spherical. To compare key characteristics, refer to our Eggplant Variety Comparison Chart. Galine(F1) Eggplant Seed High-yielding, Black Bell type. Very glossy, uniform, black fruits are 6-7" long by 3-4" in diameter. Strong plants produce early, firm fruits. High yielding, even in the North. Green calyx. Avg. 6,800 seeds/oz. Packet: 25 seeds. Nadia(F1) Eggplant Seed Traditional black Italian type. Uniform, 7-8" long by 3-4" diameter, dark purple fruits are glossy and blemish free. Tall, sturdy plants can set fruit under cool conditions. Green calyx. Avg. 6,350 seeds/oz. Packet: 25 seeds. Dancer(F1) Eggplant Seed Deep pink Italian type. Semi-cylindrical fruits are mid-sized (7-8" long by 3-4" diameter), mild, and nonbitter. Plants are strong and high yielding. Popular in Puerto Rico. Green calyx. Avg. 6,800 seeds/oz. Packet: 25 seeds. Orient Express(F1) Eggplant Dark purple Asian type. Attractive, slender, 8-10" long by 1 1/2-2 1/2" diameter, glossy . Ready up to 2 weeks before other early varieties, it features an ability to set fruit in cool weather as well as under heat stress. Tender, delicately flavored, and quick cooking. Purple calyx. Avg. 6,500 seeds/oz. Packet: 25 seeds. GREENHOUSE EGGPLANTS Jaylo(F1) Eggplant Seed Black Italian type for greenhouse production. Jaylo is high yielding and has the vigor to make it through a long season under greenhouse conditions. Beautiful, glossy black fruits have excellent flavor. A very versatile variety, fruits become firm at a small size, allowing it to be harvested at half-pound baby size or as a quarter-pound mini eggplant. Spineless plant with green calyx. Avg. 5,600 seeds/oz. Mini: 10 seeds. Packet: 25 seeds. Growing Information Greenhouse Eggplants CULTURE:Sow in flats or plugs 6-8 weeks prior to transplanting. Maintain an even 77-79°F (25-26°C) soil temp. until emergence, 70°F (21°C) thereafter. After true leaves form, transplant into cell-type containers or blocks. 4" blocks are the standard. After transplanting, maintain temp. 66-72°F (19-22°C) days and 64-66°F (19-22°C) nights. Fertilize with a complete nutrient solution (EC 2.5-3.5, pH 5.5) or equivalent as needed to keep plants dark green and healthy. Transplant to the greenhouse when plants are 10-12" tall. Space plants 1' apart in rows 2' wide, with 3' between rows. Grow plants with 2-4 stems per plant, resulting in a density of 5-8 stems per square meter (9 sq.ft.). TRELLISING:Prune the plants to 2-4 stems and trellis on a string like greenhouse tomatoes. HARVEST:Harvest fruit at desired size, most commonly 1/2lb. for baby eggplant and 1/4lb. for mini eggplant. DISEASES AND PESTS:Practice crop rotation or use new media to reduce incidence of soil-borne disease. Regularly-scheduled releases of beneficial insects will help to control pests. DAYS TO MATURITY:From transplanting. TRANSPLANTS:Avg. 900 plants/1,000 seeds.
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