Friday, April 29, 2016

Growing Ever bearing Strawberries in a Hanging Basket !

Hi Gardening Friends. This is a article about growing Ever bearing Strawberries in a hanging basket. First of all this is what you need to grow strawberries in a strawberry basket. If you don't have a hanging basket then I would buy a basket that was 10 inch in size. That is the size basket that is idea for growing strawberries in a hanging basket. . Also you need the main item that is strawberries plants You can look on line or you can buy ever bearing strawberries in a mail order catalog that sells ever bearing strawberries plants. When you look in a mail order catalog for ever bearing strawberry plants make sure that they sell all different kinds of plants. Which means that they are a retail mail order nursery that grows many different kinds of plants. You can also go to your local nursery or garden center that sells many different kinds of plants and see if they sell ever bearing strawberries plants for you to plant in your hanging basket. Also if you go to your local big box store early in the season you can find different varieties of ever bearing strawberries in peat pots that you can plant in a hanging basket to make your strawberry basket. You also need to buy soil to put in your hanging basket. You need to go to your local garden center and buy potting soil for to put in your hanging basket or baskets. The kind of potting soil I use and recommend is Pro Mix BX in comes in different size bags that you can buy at your local greenhouse or your favorite garden center. Here are some varieties of strawberries plants that are ever bearing that you can buy for your hanging basket. These varieties of ever-bearing strawberries are great to grow in a hanging basket. 1. Ozark Beauty Ever bearing Strawberries. 2.Quinalt Ever bearing Strawberries. 3. Ft Laramie Ever bearing Strawberries. Planting your strawberries plants in your hanging basket. This is what you do after you buy your strawberry plants from your local greenhouse or garden center. You take the potted plants or if you can get in the spring bare rooted plants that are ever bearing . The bare rooted plants will work just as well as the potted strawberries plants that you buy. You take your empty hanging basket and you fill it up to the rim of the inside of the basket with potting soil. Then you take your potted plant or bare rooted plants of strawberries and you can one plant in the center of the basket or if your plants are small you can plant three in a basket or how about five for a fuller basket faster. Make sure when planting the strawberry plant in the basket be sure to be careful to keep the crowns just at the soil line and not to deep because it will cause the plant to rot or to shallow as they will heave. Then you don't have to wait so long as you do with just one plant or three plants in your hanging basket or baskets that you have planted. After you planted your strawberry basket then you can take and water your basket thoroughly and hang the strawberry basket or baskets on your porch and make sure that it is evenly moist after you planted it for the entire growing season. Also make sure you fertilize your strawberry basket doing the growing season. Make sure you do it about every 10 to 14 days when using a soluble liquid plant fertilizer when watering your plants. When to pick your strawberries that are ripe from your hanging basket or baskets. Do not pick your strawberries fruit off your strawberries plants in your basket or baskets until the fruit of the strawberry is completely ripe. when they are completely ripe then you can pick them off the plant and before eating them make sure you wash them in water to have them clean before you eat them. This way you will be safe and not carring any germs or disease that could be on the ripen fruit.Then you should sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And start to eat what you have grown. You can eat them like they are or have them for breakfast in your cereal cut upwith milk on the cereal. Also you could have them for lunch in a nice big fresh salad with fresh garden lettuce and other vegetables and fruits. And put on top of your salad you favorite salad dressing. And this is a way you can enjoy your freshly grown strawberry fruit that you have grown. And other thing you can do with your fresh picked strawberries is to wash and clean them for to use in desserts Growing and culture information about strawberries plants. Common Name: Strawberry or Strawberries Scientific Name: Fragaria Bloom Time: Summer Habit and Height: USDA Hardiness Zone: 4-8 Features & Usage: Fresh Eating Jams & Jellies Freezes Well Baking I hope you try growing ever bearing strawberries in a hanging basket. I hope you try growing ever bearing strawberries in a hanging basket and I hope my hub article helps you succeed in your goal of growing great big juicy fruit from your strawberry basket. I wish you many success with this and hope you try this project and are successful at it. Gardener Den
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