Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hi Gardening Friends! I placed my first order with High Mowing Seed Company!

Hi Gardening Friends! I placed my first order with High Mowing Seed Company over the internet and had no problems finding what I wanted to order and easy checkout and saving my order for future use. Great to go back and see what I order in the past year from High Mowing. Here is what I order from High Mowing Seed Company. Organic Iron Lady Tomatoes Organic Catnip Organic Peione Parsley These are the items that I needed the most from them for now. Also what is great free shipping on all order big or small that is great! So I will let you know how my order comes and how long its takes to arrive here. Organic Non-GMO Iron Lady F1 Tomato - HYBRID Fight the blight with this disease-resistant red slicer! Impressive resistance to late blight, early blight, septoria and more. Fine-textured fruit is both dense and juicy with good tomato flavor. Must be planted away from other tomatoes to prevent early blight infection. From our collaboration with Cornell University and North Carolina State University. Determinate · 5 oz (Lycopersicon esculentum) Days to maturity: 75 days Disease Resistance: Late Blight, Early Blight, Fusarium Wilt (1,2), Verticillium Wilt, Septoria Leaf Organic Non-GMO Peione Parsley – OPEN-POLLINATED Vigorous, high-yielding flat leaf with intermediate DM resistance! A Gigante of Italy type with extra-large, dark green glossy leaves and mild, sweet flavor. Plants are highly uniform and early to mature with thick, sturdy stems. High yielding with strong re-growth suitable for containers, fresh market bunching or processing. Performs best with selective cutting rather than harvesting of the entire plant. OP • Container or field production • Bolt-tolerant. 12,500 seeds/oz Disease resistances: Downy Mildew (Int.) Days to maturity: 75 days Organic Non-GMO Catnip - OPEN-POLLINATED Beloved by cats but also an ornamental and medicinal with relaxing properties. Dry leaves for a year-round cat treat, leaving flowers as a treat for the bees. Scarify seeds to aid germination. Seeds can be direct sown as soon as soil can be worked. Transplants can be started 8-10 weeks before setting out. 46M seeds/oz. Medicinal and ornamental · Tea plant · Perennial (Nepeta cataria) Days to maturity: 80 days I will let you know how my seeds come and how long it takes? Well hope you enjoyed this post? And as always. Happy Gardening! Gardener Den
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