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How to plant and grow everbearing or day neutral strawberries in a strawberry jar.

Hi Gardening Friends Here are how to plant and grow everbearing or day neutral strawberries in a strawberry jar. This is what you do to be successful with growing everbearing strawberries or day neutral strawberries in a strawberry jar. First you need to go out and buy a clay strawberry jar and some good potting soil. You can buy some potting soil that is good for growing in containers or pots like Miracle Gro potting soil or Pro Mix potting soil. Also you need to buy some strawberries plants unless you would like to buy seed and grow your strawberries from seed.Here is a name of a strawberry from seed the strawberry is called Fresca it is 84 days from seed it is (12in/30cm) You should be able to buy the potting soil from your local garden center and you also should be able to buy the strawberry plants there to. Produces fruit that is medium size fresh berries that are four weeks earlier than the variety called sweetheart - the first summer to fall continues fruit bearing strawberry. These Fresca strawberries are perennials. You can grow these strawberries from seed. You should start your seeds 12 weeks before you want to plant your strawberries from seed. So that they would be ready to plant into the strawberry jar at the end of May when you would want to plant them into your strawberry jar. The first thing to do if you want to start strawberries from seeds is to count back from the end of May. 12 weeks and that is when you start the strawberries from seed. What you need to start strawberries from seeds is a clean flat for germinating the seeds in. Next you need a good germinating mix to put into the flat and start the seed in. Now take the flat and fill the flat half full of the germinating mix and then take the flat and soak it with water and let it set and drain on the propagating bench. Then after you let the flat drain you can sow the strawberry seeds. What I said about the above starting seeds is for starting all kind of seeds besides just starting strawberries seeds. After the strawberry seedlings were 3 to 4 leaves you can transplant then into the strawberry jar. Now take your strawberry jar and cover the bottom of the hole inside the jar with a piece of a old broken clay pot. Then fill the strawberry jar with soil to the bottom of the first holes in the jar. Now take and plant your strawberry plants in the bottom holes of your strawberry jar. Then repeat the process until the jar is filled to the top of the pot. Then take the jar and water it completely and keep it water until the strawberries are well establish. Here is some more everbearing strawberries that you can grow in a strawberry jar. a. Ozark Beauty (Everbearing) These strawberries are high-yielding and they have mouth watering flavor. They are excellent berries for preserves or freezing. They are large and red in color. b. Jewel (Day Neutral) These berries are large and juicy and they have superb flavor and quality and textural. c. Festival (Day Neutral) These strawberries have excellent flavor with deep red,glossy fruit. The plants produces large ,firm strawberries with high yields. What are everbearing strawberries? Everbearing strawberries are ones that produces the largest berries in June and a second crop in August through frost. What are Day Neutral Strawberries? Day Neutral Strawberries produces a heavy crop in June and followed by a continual harvest until frost. They will bear more if watered frequently in summer months. Were you can get Fresca Strawberries seeds? Stokes Seeds Inc. Box 548 Buffalo,New York 14240-0548 Tel: 1-800-263-7233 web site Were to get Strawberries plants from? Burpee W.Atlee Burpee & Co. Warminster,Pa 18974 Tel: 1-800-888-1447 Web Site: New! Constant Fruiting Strawberries They are Plant Patented varieties. Eversweet: Which produces very firm,large,sweet berries. Eversweet Always has fruit in different stages of develoment so you will always have some strawberries that are getting ripe. Albion These strawberries are great for growing in strawberry jars,hanging baskets and Al's Flower pouches. Were to order these kind of strawberry plants. .K.van Bourgondien & Sons, Inc. P.O. Box 2000 Virginia Beach,VA 23450-2000 Sweetheart and Fresca Strawberries they are two varieties that are grow from seed. Sweetheart and Fresca, two varieties that are grow from seed. Sweetheart is suitable for container growing but Frescais great for hanging baskets. Both of these Strawberries varieties would be great to grow from seed and then later after they would grew big enough you can plant them in a strawberry jar by the instructions on how to do plant them into the jar.You can grow both of these Strawberry varieties from seed. If you do here is some information that I believe will help in starting them. First of all in buying the seed go to a seed company that you know and you like to buy from that carry the strawberry seeds you want. Strawberry Seeds 60,000 seeds in an ounce (2,116/g). Germinates in 21 to 28 days at 65 degrees F (18C). Temperatures above 75 degrees F (23C) are detrimental. Cover seed lightly. As always use a clean flat to start your Strawberry seeds in. Then fill the flat half full of germination mix and soak the soil and let sit and drain. Then after the flat drains you can then sow the seeds.You should sow the seed very thinly don't sow the seed to thick in the flat. After you sow the seeds mist the seed flat lightly. Seedling should be ready for transplanting into cell packs in about 6 weeks. After the seedling are big enough you can transplant them into the strawberry jar. Here is what you should do with your strawberry jar if you live in a colder climate for the winter season. With the way this past winters haves been with all the heavy snow in the northeast and across the country. You are probably saying what should I have done to protect my strawberry jar from the extreme weather? Well first of all in the fall when the weather was getting colder if you have a sun porch or a sunny window you can bring the jar with the strawberries plants inside for the winter and keep the plants growing and you may get lucky and have strawberries inside. I think that the way the weather haves been that this is the only way to keep the strawberries plants alive and the strawberry jar from cracking from the extreme weather we had this past winter. You have the jar in a heated area so you should fertilize and water like you did when they were outdoors and you should be getting some strawberries indoors to. So I hope this helps all my gardening friends. I hope everyone would try this and enjoy growing strawberries in a strawberry jar. Would you also let me know if this information on growing strawberries was very helpful to you? Well good luck and Happy Gardening! Gardener Den
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