Sunday, April 10, 2016

Let's build a windmill in our minds. By Anonymous Smiley.

Here another article Let's build a windmill in our minds by my friend Anonymous Smiley. Let's build a windmill in our minds. It takes energy to dig the hole for the foundation. Don't forget the energy that went into making everything used to dig the hole. Now think about the foundation and make it out of reinforced concrete. There is energy needed to transport all this stuff, to dig all the materials used and processed. Don't forget about all the energy used to produce all the machines needed to process and transport everything. Now let's use a long steel support structure. Think about the ore being dug and refined, all the energy used to produce the steel, transport it and erect it. Same things have to be done with the generator. Finally, the blades have to be made and transported. Pollution is in the eye of the beholder. Stand near a windmill that is turning and listen to the loud "whoosh" when a blade passes in front of the support. Do you want to see and hear that from your house? Fossil fuels took many millions of years to store immense quantities of energy. But aren't they storing the sun's ultimate "green" energy? And man is going to replace fossil fuels in decades? Think about it in detail. I hope you enjoyed this article by Anonymous Smiley. Gardener Den
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