Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Organic Non-GMO Peione Parsley – OPEN-POLLINATED

Organic Non-GMO Peione Parsley – OPEN-POLLINATED New from High Mowing Seed Company. Vigorous, high-yielding flat leaf with intermediate DM resistance! A Gigante of Italy type with extra-large, dark green glossy leaves and mild, sweet flavor. Plants are highly uniform and early to mature with thick, sturdy stems. High yielding with strong re-growth suitable for containers, fresh market bunching or processing. Performs best with selective cutting rather than harvesting of the entire plant. OP • Container or field production • Bolt-tolerant. 12,500 seeds/oz Disease resistances: Downy Mildew (Int.) Days to maturity: 75 days Hope you try this Parsley Gardener Den
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