Saturday, May 7, 2016

Organic Non-GMO Pink Lavatera - OPEN-POLLINATED

Organic Non-GMO Pink Lavatera - OPEN-POLLINATED Tall, sturdy spires of pink blooms set off by glossy dark green foliage. Prolific large, smooth pink flowers on tall, upright stems. A garden classic with cupped flowers ideal for borders, cottage gardens and cutting for bouquets. Similar habit to hollyhocks with attractive glossy foliage; more tolerant of Japanese Beetles than other mallows. Seed should be barely covered with soil and takes 15-20 days to germinate. Carefully transplant 12-18" apart into full sun and poor soil with good drainage. 4,000 seeds/oz. Bedding plant · 3-4' tall · Annual (Lavatera trimestris) Days to maturity: 60 days
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