Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why do you buy plants from the big box stores?

Why do you buy plants from the big box stores? Hi Gardening Friends Why do people buy plants from the big box stores? Because buying plants from Walmart,Kmart, Home depot,Lowes or Target. You are taking business away from your local Greenhouse and Nursery. All of the Big Box Stores don't grow their plants. They buy them from large growers that are not in your local area Like I live in the North East so you should buy plants that were grow in your area not from large box stores that get them in from the South or a area that you don't live in but a part of the country that is warmer than your area. So when they ship the plants to your area they are not acustom to the climate of your area and the plants are most of the time ahead of the growing season in your area. What the big box stores want is to make money. But they don't care about your growing area you live in is weeks behind the plants that they are selling? I have been at my local box stores and they have spring flowering plants in and it is snowing they are pushing the season for planting way before its time. If you buy from your local greenhouse or nursery they are mostly family owned and the owners are members of your local community. Also when you go to the big box stores like target, walmart,lowes and home depot the employees are mostly uneducated in what plants the store is selling all they care about is getting their paycheck. Most of the big box stores use their garden center as a loss leader. What is meant by that is they get you to buy your plants then when you are done buying at the garden center department they get you to go through the remaider of the store to get check out. When you do this you will mostly be buying alot of the other items in the store. They really don't have the employees that are expects in the field of horticulture that you need to answer your gardening questions. The employees that work at the big box stores some of them that answer the telephone can't even answer your question or take a message. I call my local walmart and they couldn't even take and give their manager a message to call me back? What is wrong with these stores and their customers service departments? When you go to your local greenhouse or garden center the person that you most likely to deal with is the owner and they are very happy to answer any of your questions. They are very professional and well educated in their field of expertise. I think the next time you want to buy plants think before you buy and become a educated customer or consumer. I hope this helps you out in the next time you purchase plants at your local garden center. Happy Gardening Gardener Den
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