Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Somethings to do in the month of January.

Hi Gardening Friends
January is time for homeowners to gather all their seed catalogs in from the mailbox.
And sit down figure out what they would like to order from the seed catalogs.
Here are some of the retail seed companys that I use. Stokes Seeds, Burpee Seeds,
Parks seeds. You can fine alot of different varieties of Perennials, Annuals, and Vegetables.
Here are some of the perennials that you can grow from seeds.

Achilla (Yarrow) Summer Pastels Mixed ( 24 inch)
The flowers look like Queen Anne's Lace a mixture of pink,rose,apricot,cream,red,tan,purple
and white.

Anemone (Pasque or Windflower)
Pulsatilla Dwarf (8 inch)
Early Spring dwarf star shape voilet rock garden flowers with yellow centers. Blooms in 6-7 months. Anemone likes partial shade, and well drain soil.

Aquilegia (Columbine)
Mckana Giants (3 ft)
Large long spurred blooms are born in profusion on the unually strong plants.
Colors: White, cream, rose, yellow,red

Armeria (Thrift)
Maritima Splendens Rose (8inch)

Montana (2ft)
Large blue cornflower - like blooms.

Early Sunrise (18 inch)
Bright yellow, fully double, 2 in/5 cm flowers. Blooms in 85 days from sowing
All American Winner.

Echinacea (Rudbeckia)
Bright Star (18 inch)
Lavender pink , Single flowers.

Magic Fountain ( 24 inch)
Dwarf,wind tolerant, For cutting or containers.

Clear Springs (36 inch)
Dwarf Pacific Giants brand, wind tolerant (elatum) type with heavier stems than Magic Fountains. Strong clear colors have white bees. Blooms first year.

Foxglove (Digitalis) (5 ft)
Excelsior Hybrids Mix of cream,purple,pink,white, horizontal florets with bicolor
spotted throats. Self sowing Flowers the second year.

Lady Stratheden (24 inch)
Double golden yellow.

Mrs. Bradshaw Improved (2 ft)
Brillant scarlet double flowers. twice the size of the old strain.

Hollyhock (Althaea)
Chaters Double mixed (7 ft)
Fully double in rose,salom,red,buff,yellow,maroon,white,scarlet.

Annuals that you can sow from seeds in January

Begonias Fibrous Begonias
Ambassadors Series
Deep Rose,Red,White,Coral

Cocktail Series
Brandy - Pink
Gin - Rose pink
Vodka - Scarlet
Whiskey - White

Rocket Series
Tall snapdragons from seed.

Floral Flowers
Extra dwarf series.

Tomatoes that you can start early Fourth of July tomates you can start them early from seed.

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