Saturday, February 20, 2016

High Mowing Organic Seeds Company said that Iron Lady Tomato can be grown in a container?

Organic Iron Lady F1 Tomato Organic Iron Lady F1 Tomato Organic Non-GMO Iron Lady F1 Tomato - HYBRID Fight the blight with this disease-resistant red slicer! Impressive resistance to late blight, early blight, septoria and more. Fine-textured fruit is both dense and juicy with good tomato flavor. Must be planted away from other tomatoes to prevent early blight infection. From our collaboration with Cornell University and North Carolina State University. Determinate · 5 oz (Lycopersicon esculentum) Days to maturity: 75 days Disease Resistance: Late Blight, Early Blight, Fusarium Wilt (1,2), Verticillium Wilt, Septoria Leaf Spot SKU Description Our price 3062A 10 Seeds $3.95 3062B 25 Seeds $6.25 3062C 100 Seeds $20.40 3062D 500 Seeds $73.65 3062M001 1 M $123.55 3062M005 5 M $497.50 $99.50/M High Mowing Seed Company said That Iron Lady is a Great Tomato for growing in container. See it is also disease resistant and also great for containers? I will be trying this one for myself. Gardener Den
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